How to book cheap flights!

Hello World!

In the last few months, friends often asked me for help when booking their flights for holidays or something, and I always got them much better deals than the ones they´ve found before (mostly about 100€ cheaper), because I got quite a few tips & tricks I want to share with you now 🙂


1.) Book incognito

On every computer, you got the chance to open incognito windows or turn off all types of cookies. You know that it works, when there advertisments are no longer fittet to you, like adverts for cheap flights to destinations you just googled.

That helps, because booking sites notice that you really want to fly to a certain place, so they go up with the prices.


2.) Don´t book with a Mac

Booking sites think that Macbook owners have more money, thus they always rise the prizes if the website is accessed through a Macbook.

3.) Compare different search sites

That’s probably the most important one, I always open up at least 10 search/booking sites to get the best price, and I always find it on a different one, that’s the reason why I don’t recommend a certain site but rather a selection to compare: (although it says that it uses the Kayak Software, it’s sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive…I don’t know why)

4.) Best time to book

Loads of travel bloggers know that researches have shown, that on the average, 47 days in advance is the best time to book a flight. Of course, the best moment depends on many other things, but you can use this as a guideline. Also, always consider going to places in low season, as it’s always cheaper.


5.) Wait a few days

If you have time & energy, check on the cheapest flight you´ve found everyday for a few days, so you´ll get an overview on what´s a “great deal”. Because what seemed to be the best flight at first sight might just turn out worth nothing a few days later 🙂


6.) The perfect weekdays

Generally, flying mid-week is way better than weekends. Especially flying TO a touristic destination on a sunday, when most of the people want to fly back home can be a perfect idea. Always keep in mind when the masses go and do the exact contrary 🙂


7.) Visit places in low season

Cheaper flights, hotels, transportation, no tourist masses to disturb your pictures in front of famous sights…visiting places in low season has many advantages, some of them I´ve already explained in my Travel Tips for Italy:

or for Thailand:


I hope this advice was of use for you and it helps you save a bit of money 🙂

Have you got any special booking tips?




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