Backpacking Thailand Part 2: Scuba Diving & Tattoo

Hello World!

Following my first entry about our backpacking trip to Thailand, this post will be about our time in Koh Pih Pih Maya Bay – the actual center of the island.

At the beginning we didn’t really want to go to Koh Pih Pih Center because it was known to attract tourists for one reason mainly: getting dead drunk and party non-stop. As we really wanted to do scuba diving, we had to stay there 2 nights.

We got a really cheap room for 300 bahts  just a bit outside the center and away from the beach, as we had seen far more beautiful beaches and were there mainly for the scuba diving the following day.

Koh Phi Phi Center is nice to stroll around, by clothes or various kinds of pancakes, but by far one of the most expensive islands in comparison with the others we’ve been to.

In the evening we decided to have an early night as our boat would leave at 07:30 the following day, but before that I got tattooed. I already had a tattoo and wanted to add something to it, but was relucant to do so because you shouldn’t go swimming for at least a week afterwards. But from various tattoo-artists and loads of online research I found out about the special “Bamboo-Technique”, which leaves you with a tattoo looking like you’ve already had it for years and the possibility to go swimming about an hour afterwards!

I decided to be spontanous and optimistic about tattooing-hygene in Thailand and went in to one of the most serious and clean looking of the total 38 studios in Phi Phi.

With Thai efficiency, on artist had the idea for my tattoo, the other one made a draft at the computer, the third one fittet it to my body and the fourth actually performed the bamboo-tattooing. The result was amazing and so uninfected that I could do scuba diving the following day without even putting some special cream on!

For the scuba, we had been to a diving center the previous day already, got everything sorted as well as our data and sizes for fins & neopren suits taken. We got a diving instructor and a diving master for us three girls, as this would be our first time diving. The boys already had the Free-Diver Licence by Prevet and could simply come with us and dive.

(Me filming underwater with my Gopro strapped to my wrist)

The boat trip to our two diving spots, at Phi da Nock and Phi da Nai was already really promising as we were obviously going to incredibly beautiful places! The total price of 3,500 baht (about 90€) included fresh water, coffee and food on the boat and two one-hour dives, which were amazing! Our instructor was so patient and calm while showing us how to breath underwater and much more.

We saw so many different, beautiful fishes and corals, Nemo and his friends, a huge sea snake and even a shark!

After returning at about 1 o’ clock we were so exhausted that we had a long afternoon-nap before dinner. That night we had a few drinks with the guys from the diving center and enjoyed live music at some bar in Phi Phi.

Our plan was to go to Koh Lanta the following day, but we found out that in low season there would only one ferry leaving in that direction at 3 p.m., which left us with half a day to fill. We decided to hire a long tail for 400 baht each (~10€) and enjoy the one-hour drive to bamboo – island. The driver told us something about a “National -Park- Entry Fee” and suggested a much closer island after we paid, but we thought he just wanted to trick us so he could save time and money on fuel. We were right, because the bay on bamboo – island was totally deserted and the most beautiful beach we saw in Thailand!

The same day, we took a ferry to Koh Lanta, which my next post will be about 🙂


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