Backpacking Thailand Part 1

Hello World!

On Monday, the 20st of June, me and four friends from school left our home, Austria, to go on a 17-day backpacking trip to the south of Thailand & Bangkok as a treat for finishing school and a läßt chance to spend time together before we all start different paths in our lives.

First, we flew to Bangkok via Vienna & Istanbul with Turkish Airlines (wich had exellent services for the price we paid) and then directly from Bangkok to Phuket, a large city in the southwest of Thailand.


We only spent one night in Phuket to get some sleep after the long flight and took a ferry to Kho Phi Phi (Kho means island in Thai) the next morning.

We were really happy with that, as everyone we met before and afterwards says that unless you are staying in a huge resort, Phuket’s not that beautiful, especially not it’s beach.

Our ferry was passing the famous Maya Bay, where “The Beach”, a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed, but we were happy with admiring it while passing, because it was packed with tourists.

When we stepped onto Kho Phi Phi, we had to pay 50 Bahts “cleaning tax” which is obviously not invested very well.

As we weren’t up for partying and drinking from buckets we decided to leave Kho Phi Phi town and take a longboat-taxi to a quiet beach on the other side of the island immediately, which turned out a great idea, as this honestly was like stepping into paradise:


A lone beach with only a few bungalows, not even half of them full as it was low season! The price was good, 500 Bahts per night for a 2/3 person bungalow (about 7€). The only little downside was that there was no air condition, only a fan, but we were okay with that. And the mosquitoes ate us alive until we found out how to isolate us totally with the net above the bed for the night.

This place is perfect for anyone on a budget and able to endure heat & mosquitoes, as the view and the beach are beautiful! We did loads of snorkeling in a quite nice coral reef and ate our way trough the menu in the only small restaurant.


After 2 nights there we decided to leave again to do a scuba dive starting from Kho Phi Phi, where we are heading to right now 🙂

Generally, we totally love travelling Thailand during low season, as there’s not a quarter of the high- season’s tourists but the beauty of this counrty’s nothing fewer than in the months of October to April, when masses of tourusts arrive to escape the cold European & Northern American winter.

More will come as soon as I’ll have WiFi again!




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