Packing: 17 days in Thailand

Hey guys!

I´m already preparing everything for our 17- day – trip to Thailand, and I´ve got my packing list ready for you. I am a total minimum packer, and as we´ll be backpacking around Phuket and I´ll have to carry everything this is a total minimun packing challenge for me! So here´s what I´m bringing:


underwear & socks for a week (as we’ll be washing our stuff in hostels)
1 black dress (my fave for beach, going out and kind of everything)
2 pairs of hotpants
3 tanktops in different colours                                                                                                                     1 blouse                                                                                                                                                                 2 t-shirts                                                                                                                                                             a pair of leggins (I´ll wear them for flying)

Bikini (I’ll just bring one to save space and maybe by one more in Thailand)

trainers (as they are the heavier pair I’ll wear them on the plane to save space in my backpack)



sunscreen (you know how white I am, I always use 50+)

body lotion

2 razors

shaving cream



body wash



facial wipes

make- up

after-sun spray (I hope I won´t need it)

insect lotion

medication (band-aids, antibiotics, electrolytes…)


lightweight sleeping bag (in case we´d be sleeping outside or in hostels with disgusting sheets)
lightweight beach towel


hair ties & clips

Carry- on luggage:

travel size toothbrush & toothpase (I always have to brush my teeth at least twice on overnight flights and hate having my whole toiletry-bag in my hand luggage)

lip balm (with sun protection)

portable akkupack

I-Pod Shuffle (the best thing ever invented for travellers as it´s batteries last for ages!)

Gopro Hero + LCD (+accessories)

E- Reader

saltwater nose- spray (to prevent a dry nose and headaches on long-haul flights)

passport & documents

water bottle
snacks (I always bring loads of snacks to save money on airport food)
pocket- sized moisturizer
sun glasses (just got a new Ray Ban as a present – love it!)

A video about the whole packing process & my advice will be up as soon as I´m back 🙂

After packing I checked all of us in online to be ready for leaving tomorrow.

Any recommendations for my list?





2 thoughts on “Packing: 17 days in Thailand

    1. I wanted to put it in my backpack and then decided I’ll need it in my handluggage so I packed to as the first one already disappeared in the endless depths of the backpack 😂
      I’m using an incredibly old but practical backpack a friend lent me, as ours at home was just a little to small.


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