What society forgot to teach us

or: Being alone with yourself, you´d be surprised whom you´d meet

People rather spend years in unhappy relationships than trying to be happy and content with themselves first and find a partner afterwards.

People rather spend evenings with SOMEONE than being content with sitting on the balcony alone and reading or going for a walk in the nearest park.

Don´t get me wrong here, I love cooking dinners with friends or spending time with my family, but I am happy to be just with myself as well, even if it´s just once a week. It´s because I don´t have to be constantly entertained and constantly surrounded by people.

Once a week. Try it!

Just do something you love with just yourself as company! I love to read a good book somewhere out in the nature. Other people love to go running, going for a walk…sitting down with a coffee and admire the sunset. Alone.


At first, you´ll feel like checking your smartphone for messages and calling someone to chat, or switching on the tv. But just stay where you are, leave your mobile and the incredible world of communication it offers aside and enjoy the moment.

Think about what you´ve done in the past week, what lies ahead of you. Think about where you are right now and WHO you are.

Think of what society, Facebook, our parents and friends show us as ideals: Lying at the beach with your new lover, clubbing all night with your 12 best friends, move together with your boyfriend, running through a shopping mall buying stuff you don´t need.

But what we don´t get shown are the moments when your life´s far from perfect, and only the fewest “friends” remain. What we don´t see are the moments when people are alone. Because everyone is incredibly afraid of being alone!

But being alone is nothing bad, even if society tries to tell us so! In my opinion, someone has to be content and happy with nothing but himself before he should go out there and form friendships and relationships. Because no one can “make you whole” or “be your better half”. If you are whole and fully, truly yourself, you´ll find a equal partner and not someone to play your psychotherapist!

So many people are afraid of travelling solo as well. Going somewhere where you don´t know anybody and finding the way to your hotel (hostel) all on your own, go out for dinner on your own…but I have travelled solo already and met so many people doing so as well, and it´s amazing! You´ll get to know loads of people, either in hostels, restaurants, bars, in front of some tourist attraction…



In Tokyo, a girl once asked me to take a picture of her, and I accidentally said “Warte kurz” (Wait a second) in German, and she understood me because she was from Bavaria! We decided to meet up later that evening and go for drinks together. We went to some bar where we met an Italian guy sleeping in the same hostel, all of us met again the next evening and met another Austrian guy, another Italian guy, also from our hostel…went out together and had loads of fun.

Those nights (and many more in many more countries) I learnt so much about life, about the way of living in other countries, about why people are who they are and where they are, I got so inspired!

Just open up your heart, leave your fucking comfort zone and be ready for endless adventures, new experiences, new friends, fun and inspiration!

Most of all, don´t be afraid to be alone with just yourself!



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