Austrian traditional clothing – “Dirndl & Lederhosn”

Hello World!

In Austria, we love to dress traditionally for balls, prom nights or, let´s be honest, all kind of festive occasions during the year, especially on the countryside. Therefore, we have “Dirndl”, traditional dresses,and “Lederhos´n” for the men. Many people think of the German versions of both when they hear those names, but in Austria it´s totally different! Nearly every single valley has it´s own special style of traditional clothing, generally referred to as “Tracht”.

On this first picture a more modern “Dirndl” is shown, one the girls love to wear for our traditional feasts.


This is me and my friend Kerstin on our prom night wearing more traditional long Dirndl. It´s not that common to wear Tracht for prom, but our school does, as it is a College for Agriculture and has a strong focus on tradition.

Kerstin & Lydia0003

When the girls wear traditional clothing for balls, they love to have delicately braided or curly hair, and at boarding school we usually turned our rooms into hairdressing saloons and all the talented girls braided the hair of the less talented ones 😉



Nowadays things got more relaxed, so girls started to wear Lederhosn as well, as they are just super comfortable and perfect for “Schuahplattln”, a traditional dance in Austria. This foto was taken at a ball where me and my sister had a performance of this type of dance together with our local youth farmer´s club.

Of course, today only few women know how to tailor those dresses anymore, but my Mom still does, and instructed me to to make my own Dirndl as well. It´s incredibly time consuming, but I´ve never been prouder wearing something!

So here´s the result of four weeks of intensive work and loads of correcting on my Mum´s side. My sister wears a modern Dirndl and I the one I made, one of the most famous ones in whole Austria, the “Auseer Dirndl”, named after the region it comes from and loved for its colorful style.



On this picture taken in 2013 you see my whole family (plus my boyfriend at that time on the right side) at a traditional festival right next door to our house. It offers a ballroom to dance for the generation 30+ and two festive tents with DJs for the younger generation. My parents usually stay away from the tend but they came to say goodbye to us at about midnight and that´s when we took the photo. My brother is wearing a “Carinthian kilt”, yes, not only the Scots have that tradition!



The only problem we get when going out with our lovely Dirndls is trying to wash off all the spilled on beer on Sunday morning ;))

To make wearing Tracht more causual, girls started wearing Jeans with a blouse and a traditional top, as you on this pic. I know, it looks crazy, but me and the other school represantative wanted to demonstrate the “power” we hold on normal pupils hahaha.

IMG_3264 - Kopie

Here some more fotos we girls took before going out together:

So, I hope you enjoyed getting to know Austria, our culture and traditions a bit more and I apologize for the bad foto quality, as I didn´t have good cameras back when we took some of them.

What traditional clothing is worn in your country? I would love to hear about it from you 🙂




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