A weekend in…Lignano!

Hello World!

After we finished the written part of our exams last week, me and my friends decided to travel southwards to Italy to enjoy the warmer weather and have a bit of fun 😉


First of all, I have to say that on that particular weekend, Lignano turns into a second Mallorca every year and people come from all over Austria to party. As we were 20, we booked four apartments, which were really good value for their cheap price (we paid 60€ per person for 5 nights). After checking in on Friday afternoon, we made ourselves some cocktails and drank them on the balcony, as all of them were on the patio and we could chat and joke with all the other young people on their balconies. We built a huge straw and gave the other some of our cocktails as well 😉

Afterwards we hit the party- roundabout with loads of bars offering buckets of all kinds of alcohol to drink out of huge straws 🙂 The nights in Lignano get so crazy, and there are funny stories happening which people tell for ages afterwards.

During the day all the hungover go to the beach to either wake up by jumping into the sea or sleep in the sun. We enjoyed the incredibly lovely weather and had loads of fun burying one of our friends in the sand:

So this weekend was not about personal growth, learning and so on at all, just about fun with friends and relaxing. I would not recommend Lignano as a travel destination at all, as there are way more beautiful beaches in the world, but as it´s just 2 and a half hours from our home it´s a perfect getaway, especially on that weekend!

What was you last getaway, your last “pointless” holiday? Let me know in the comments 🙂



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