Top 5 airport hacks!

Hello World!

After I’ve flewn quite a few times already and always tried to minimize my spendings and still enjoy it, I got a few “hacks” I learnt, which I wanna share with you, so here we go:

Water bottle

Most airlines will allow any liquid on board as long as you’ve passend security with it (there are a few exeptions which check again before boarding). So I always always bring one or two empty water bottles with me and simply refill them with tab water (when it’s drinkable in the country I’m in). That way I don’t get nasty dehydration- headaches during long-haul flights while waiting for a stewardess to give me 100ml every 3 hours! Sometimes they are even as friendly to refill your bottle ON the plane if you ask nicely 🙂IMG_20160321_100657

Ask for upgrades

Okay, sad story first: I’ve never been upgraded myself yet, but loads of my friends have already been, so it just depends on how lucky and friendly you are I think. But I won’t stop trying until I’ll get one one day 😉

Wear your extra luggage

Even though you might look horrible. You’ll save loads of money! Especially when you fly to or from a destination where you’ll need loads of warm clothes, which take up massive amounts of space.
Also, I always come to the airport earlier: 2 – 2.5 hours before a short flight & 3-4 h before a long one, so just in case a nasty airport worker decides do double – check if my backpack fits into the hand luggage sample or if it’s not maybe a few gramms to heavy. In such a case I always need my time to unpack and put on as much stuff as I possibly can 😉
And never ever think, “Ah, I don’t care, I’ll just pay the extra fee”. I once did so and had to give 75€ for 2 extra kilos!
And if you really wanna go hardcore, try out the jaktogo jacket, it’s a foldable bag which you can wear during check in.



Left or right?

Most people in the world are right- handed, meaning they automatically take the right side of a queue. So always go left and you’ll be quicker, especially when you’re in a hurry to get your connecting flight. At first, I didn’t really believe this, but after I tried it a few times I can truly say that it’s true!


Many people will agree when I say that the deliscous snacks, smoothies and much more in the duty free area are really really tempting

I always get so tempted by all the good-looking food at the airport, so I have to really hold myself back from buying loads and loads, because it´s so damn expensive! So I started to bring a few treats myself which I can eat while waiting for check-in or at the plane.

Security usually lets you pass with all sorts of packed food, but be careful with unpacked food like homemade sandwiches and stuff, the MIGHT not let you have it…I just always stay on the safe side and bring some cookies, nuts, muesli bars and stuff like that.
That way I save loads of money, as I never spend it on expensive airport, airplane or (when arrived at your destination) train station food. I prefer saving it for trying out the local cuisine of a country 😉


I hope these 5 hacks will help you on your future travels, and I constantly try to find out more, so stay tuned!
Have you got any specific tips for airports and flying in general? Leave them down in the comments! 😉



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