Thoughts on a Thursday

Hello World!

This Thursday started really crap, I got two of my wisdom teeth extracted and my mouth´s swollen all over. Damn. But, this makes me look forward to my next journeys even more! I started thinking and found out there´s only a few days missing to my next travel goals 😉

So here I´m going to show you my travel countdown:

countdown ligi

Spring Break in Lignano, Italy

Every year at “Pfingsten”, an Austrian holiday which brings us a prolonged weekend, half of the young population of southern Austria gets into a car and drives down to Lignano to celebrate the warm temperatures and the beginning of spring. As we are nearly, nearly done with studying, me and half the other pupils of the 5th year at our school at decided to book a few apartments together and take a “productive study break” at the beach. This will be one of the last few times to party and enjoy ourselves together, as we are all about to go to University or enter the world of work in a few weeks´ time. Can´t wait for it!



5 friends. 17 days. No limits.

A few days after taking our school leaving exams (in Austria it´s called “Matura”) me and four of my classmates will be taking a plane bound to Thailand. We will spend 14 days island hopping around Phuket, Ko Phi Phi and many more and explore Bangkok on our way home. This trip was the thing that kept (and hopefully will) keep me studying hard as we booked it in September last year already and I can´t wait for the departure day to come.




On September the first I will start an experienced-level language course in Italian. So which city could be fitting better than Rome?

The Dante Alighieri Language Institute offered this course to me after having excellent results on their CLIDA-Exam (comparable with the Cambridge Exam in English) and I was so thrilled about it when they sent me the letter! They provided me with help finding an accommodation and I get the course for free, so…perfect way to spend a month. I was in Rome already two times with my family when I was younger, but I can´t really remember much so I´m incredibly curious to explore this city again.

This starting date is still not totally fixed, as I´m unsure what I will do in August yet, I´m thinking about going to Rome earlier and finding a job, maybe as a waitress or bartender…let´s see what the future will bring!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and what I´m up to next! I´l love to hear about your upcoming travels in the comments!



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