Travel Tips for Ireland

Hello World!

When I left home to get my plane bound to Ireland, I was full of expectations, my head buzzing with stereotypes…so here´s what I´ve learned:

1.) Irish Mentality

Talking about their attitude to do things and their way of life, the Irish are the total contrast of their larger neighbour, England. They are way more relaxed and open minded! I loved it, because when I arrived at the B&B where I was going to work for the summer, my host family immediately took me into their heart! Another part of the Irish Mentality is their great humor, which often includes jokes about drinking 😉
My host mum always said: We have so many cows and milk in Ireland, that we have to make cream out of it and turn it into Bailey´s!



2.) Pubs

The happy Irish mentality let to their incredible pub culture, where they love to celebrate their weekends and knocking off time in an relaxed atmosphere and live music at at least two evenings a week. The live music can depend largely, in some pubs you´ll find a lone musician with a guitar, in some a whole young band! The style ranges from traditional Irish songs to modern popular ones.

Another great thing about pubs is, that you can find anyone from sixteen to sixty in there! This is so great for the rual life in the regions, as it strengthens the community.

3.) Public Transportation

Is horrible. This is a fact. There´s a few trains, going from and to the largest cities, but they are really expensive. Rual areas can only be reached by bus, here the largest company is Bus Eireann ( ). The tickets are priced quite decent, but the connections are in no way reliable! I once waited for a bus from Dublin to Wicklow which was supposed to leave at 20:00 until five minutes to nine, as it came together with the one for 21:00, which was five minutes early. Crazy shit.

4.) Car Hire

Consequently, hiring a car is the best way to go for tourists. All the car hire companies in Ireland offer a similar selection of cars, ranging from economic models to luxury cars and sports utility vehicles. When choosing a car, not only bear in mind what luggage capacity you will need and how far you will be travelling, but the larger the car the more difficult to transverse any narrow roads off the few motorways they have. But don´t forget, the Irish are driving on the left hand side of the road! 😉



5.) Weather

Of course, the Green Island wouldn´t be the Green Island without loads of rain. The average number of “wet days” ranges from about 151 days a year along the east and southeast coasts, to about 225 days a year in parts of the west. But you just have to be preapred for it and make the most of it 😉

The Irish tourism is really well prepared for this as well and has loads of indoor-programmes to offer!

6.) Natural sites

Ireland is famous for their numerous World Heritage Sites, like the Cliffs of Moher, The Giant´s Causeway, The Ring of Kerry and many more! Mainland Europe might have the Acropolis, the Coliseum, the Sagrada Familia and the San Marco but Ireland is home to more natural wonders than any of our European cousins. If you are interested, check out:

10 amazing natural sites in ireland i loved

I hope you liked this article, and my advice is helpful 🙂
Have you got any special travel tips for Ireland?




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