Thoughts on a Thursday

Why do we travel?

This question is asked a zillion times and has equally many answers. So what are the most common reasons to travel? And why do I travel?

we travel not to escape life

First of all, we have to keep in mind, that every reason to travel is equally good or worthy if it´s good for the traveller himself. I know, we humans are competitive until a stupid, crazy level and always have to be better than others. Travelling is in no way an exeption. There´s loads of people saying that their way to travel is “the right one” and talk of others in a bad way because they do otherwise.

I myself have to fight the urge of comparing my way AND motivation to travel to others, but I´m trying hard not to do so, as it´s unhealthy and making you unproductive, and of course, nasty! But what ARE the main reasons for people to travel?

City – Sightseeing

Culture, history, party. Main reasons for city- travellers to go whereever they they want to go! When I’m exploring a new city I always hardly sleep, because for exactly this 3 reasons mentioned above. Loads of people love to mix city sightseeing in a country with a bit of going exploring the rual areas and the countryside as well.

Off-the-road Exploring

This is essential to get to know the locals better, as you get in touch with them a lot more than in a city. Even though hostels in cities are a really cheap accomodation and you´ll get to know loads of other travellers and find great friends, staying in a small B&B on the countryside will make you really get to know the locals, the way they live, the food they eat. And one of the main reasons to go exploring the countryside are the amazing natural sites all countries have to offer if you know where to look 😉
(By the way. here´s my travel guide to 10 amazing Irish natural sites: )

Relaxed Vacation

Most of all travellers visit a foreign country not to run around in a city all day, get aching feet and sleep in cheap hostels. The main reason for loads of people to travel is to get a distance to their busy everydaylifes and enjoy themselves . They are usually exhausted from their job and life at home and simply want to realx (older ones) or get dead drunk for a week (younger ones).

Visiting Family/Friends

Nowadays nearly everyone of us has relatives living in other countries, so loads of people simply travel to visit relatives or friends living far away. Though the focus is seeing that person again, they usually really profit of the knowledge and insider-information of their “local” friend.

All of these reasons are of equal worth if the person travelling wants to travel that particular way. Always. Don´t forget that, if not, you won´t ever get happy travelling if all you do is just comparing yourself to others.

Another really controversial topic is the time travellers take. There´s city hoppers staying at no place longer than one or two days who really live the motto: “Wake up in a different place every day” and there´s slower travellers, staying in a country for weeks, maybe even months. Both ways have their own positive aspects and downsides, only depending from what YOU want.

And me?

I travel to find myself, or rather loose myself. Educating myself and trying to get rid of some of my bad habits are some of the main reasons for me to travel, because in my opinion, new surroundings and new people always help that process. You constantly have to adapt, get used to other cultures and ways of living and learn new things. Amazing!

So for me, going on a journey is all about personal growth and finding out more about this planet we live on 😉

i may not be the strongest

And what about you? Why do YOU travel? Let me know in the comments and tell me what you thought about my post 🙂

Have a great thursday!




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