Thoughts on a Thursday

Hello World!

This thursday I would like to talk about the little world with huge importance “Thank you”, how beeing nice can help you, no matter where you are and how a positive way of thinking can prevent loads of problems.

So let´s start off with thank you:

I´ve worked as a waitress, cook, room cleaner and as a receptionist numerous times, in loads of different restaurants and hotels. And if I learned one thing, it was that saying thank you politely can open you so many doors! Not only to the important-looking hotel mananger, but as well as to the cleaning and householding staff.

If you do so, you will most likely be helped in loads of situations!


An especially nice guest once asked me for an adapter, and even if the hotel didn´t have one, I borrowed her my private one, together with a phone charger.

If you´d like a little extra souce for your meal, a free dessert, a room upgrade, an additional blanket and stuff like this, you just have to be nice, thank always and ask politely and you are most likely going to get it. I always did what I could for customers I liked 🙂
On the other hand, never get angry or snotty even when the waitress has a bad day herself, because it will backfire on you…

So here I wrote down Thank You in 15 of the most common languages for you to start 😉

grazie mille. (Italian)

merci beaucoup. (French)

vielen dank. (German)

arigatou gozaimasu. (Japanese)

muchas gracias. (Spanish)

bol´shoye spasibo. (Russisch)

feichang ganxie. (Chinese)

pollés efcharisties. (Greek)

cok tesekürler. (Turkish)

shukraan jazilaan. (Arabian)

Дякую (DYAH-koo-yoo). (Ukrainian)

tack. (Swedish)

hvala. (Slowenian)

shukriya. (Hindi)

mahalo. (Hawaiian)

The next thing I wanted to talk about was the attitude some people have travelling. I personally am really relaxed about safety and security, and I KNOW this sounds incredibly naiive, but I keep saying that I´m still waiting for something to happen and then I´ll be more careful. But it simply doesn´t and I think that´s the point, isn´t it?

Of course, leaving out basic security measures like locking your valuable stuff into you locker in hostels or keeping you phone and wallet in the inner pocket of your jacket instead of you purse would be stupid. But starting to think about everyone as a thief, and worrying about your belongings non-stop is making you more likely for stuff like this to happen, because  pick-pockets watch out for people like this and a bad things are more likely to happen to people with a bad attitude. If you are only waiting for horrible things to happen, they surely will!

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.
~Wade Boggs

So, loads of people might just call me lucky, but those numerous times when complete strangers in a bar ran after me bringing me my phone which I forgot lying at the counter, or people in the subway, who politely told me that my that my purse is open and my wallet nearly falling out. Anywhere I´ve been so far I´ve always been surprised by the kindness and honesty of other people!

So, stay positive and have a great trip!




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