Thoughts on a Thursday

Hello World!

It’s Thursday, time to dream oneself away into an uncertain future…
So today I thought I’m going to tell you about my life bucket list. I think everyone has those things he or she dreams about. For this reason I’m writing it down to look at in 10 years and not forget where my dreams once lay. So here we go!

1.) See the Northern Lights

Since seeing “Brother Bear” as a child this wish stuck with me. And it increased gradually as I grew up and saw loads of movies and pictures about it and heard stories of other travellers. So it takes up the first place!

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2.) Take a cable car in San Francisco

I just cant get rid of that picture of me leaning out of a San Francisco cable car which is running down a hill into sunset… and by the way, San Francisco is an amazing city sparkling with creativity!

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3.) Archery on Horseback

I have always loved horseback-riding, and found my love for archery at the age of 5 with my first self-made bow out of hazelnut sticks, but I never got the chance to do both, and it must feel so incredible!

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4.) Dress up like a Geisha

I visited Japan in March this year with my sister, and we were flashed by this amaing culture, especially the lovely kimonos! Unfortunately we never got the chance to try one on, and I would just love to dress up like a geisha for once, especially because my skin´s nearly that white naturally hahah 😉

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5.) Watch the stars lying in a meadow in New Zealand

A former teacher of mine once told me about her time backpacking New Zealand, when she was looking at the stars lying on a meadow with her friend and just enjoying life. This has to be so incredible…

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6.) Walk the Great Wall in China

This World Wonder has always stunned me, it´s nearly impossible to take in the simple size of this wall built between 770 BC and the fourteenth century. Just have to see it.

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7.) Speak 7 languages

A grand-uncle of mine who was professor at universities in Stockholm, Paris and Vienna and explored the holy Hindi language Sanskrit, used to speak seven languages and has always been my idol. I just want to reach this goal to be like him I´ve set myself at the age of 8.

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8.) Live in a megacity for a while

Everytime I visit a megacity I wonder what it would be like to live there…I know, billions of people are going to tell me it´s horrible, but as a country girl who grew up surrounded by only 2 neigbours I just want to experience big city live at least for a while 🙂


9.) Take the Transsiberian Railroad

I have to admit, this is basically my dad´s lifegoal, but he´s so into this amazing landscape that I just have to love it as well…I´ll probably go with him when he´s retired 🙂

foodies' appendix (2)

10.) Listen to street musicians at the seashore in Southern America

First of all: I simply LOVE street musicians. And I dream about going to South America. So I just dream about sitting at a seashore somewhere in South America and listening to some talented young musician.

foodies' appendix (8)

11.) Drive a Lamborghini

Nothing to say about that. Who would not want to?

foodies' appendix (18)

12.) Visit Pig Beach

Even though I´m normally not that much into tropical island, but I just want to see those pigs really swimming! I just can´t believe it until I see it myself.

visit (2)

13.) Spend Easter in Jerusalem

I am a boring, traditional catholic, believing in god and wanting to see and understand the part of the world where Jesus lived and inspired people to take his story all around the world. Especially in eastertime!


14.) Stay awake 3 days in a row

I want this to happen at my next birthday 😉 eat. sleep. party. repeat.

foodies' appendix (11)

15.) Visit Machu Picchu

I have always been so much into history, especially the one of Native Americans, so Machu Pichu entered my list the day I learned it exists.

foodies' appendix (7).png

16.) Drink a Coffee looking at the Taj Mahal

The monument of eternal love. Sunset. A small café somewhere. Relax. Take in this moment.

foodies' appendix (14)

17.) Wake up in a different place evey day for a week

I can´t wait for a backpacking trip which fulfills this criteria 😉

foodies' appendix (17)

18.) Write a book

I love and have always loved reading. As a little child I used to spent hours in the stable sitting with my lambs reading reading and reading. So one day, I want to take my place in the endless row of authors as well.

foodies' appendix (5)

19.) Act like I was rich enough to shop in Louis Vuittion

I once stood in front of the Louis Vuitton Shop in Champs Elysees with a friend and thought: One day, I´ll be able to go in there and by one of those horribly expensive bags. Or I´ll just act like I was 😉

foodies' appendix (16)

20.) Ride along a beach on horseback

Loads of people already told me that there´s nothing else like it for a rider.

foodies' appendix (15)

This is my life bucket list.

I don´t know if I´ll ever cross everything off, but in my opinion, dreaming, imagining and hoping is what it´s all about. It makes your life sweet. It gives you hope. It inspires you.

Have you got a life bucket list?

It´s never too late to start one 😉




2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. Lots of things ahead of you, great plans! I can recommed the “stay awake three days in a row” to come to Berlin, it wont be as difficult. BTW, on your homepage it says “an Austiran Travel Blogger” – I suppose you are Austrian and not an Austiran 🙂


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