How to best enjoy…Central Park in NY

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With a size of 483 acres (3,41 km2) Central Park simply astonishes, being the green heart of this amazing city. I always admire the genuity of NY´s city planning, as on this space of land the New Yorkers could easily built 16 billion apartments, but they simply don´t. The park’s design was the result of an 1858 competition to improve and expand the small park space that was there before. The winning plan was submitted by Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux, and construction on the park began that same year.

This way, they made the city even more worth living in!


So where to start with in central park? Maybe with the stunning and picturesque 18-acre lake, which was once nothing more than a large, untamed swamp, but turned out to be one of the most loved lakes in America. On sunny days people would rent boats and go rowing or simply stroll alongside it.

There´s loads of rocks and stuff to climb on for small kids or crazy young Austrian girls as well 😉


As Central Park is visited some 40 million times a year by residents and tourists it can get quite busy, but it´s massive size prevends it from getting to crowded.


After a stroll by the lake you could use one of 9000 wooden benches to relax and do some people watching, or, as we did, choose the shadow of one of the 19000 trees to sit down and have a Sunday afternoon picnic! This is like one of the top things on any NY-bucket list and it´s really as great as it sounds, especially with loads of great food 😉

If you are JUST a bit more sporty than we were, you could also join some baseball, volleyball, soccer, basketball…oh forget that, the New Yorkers play any kind of ball- or group game in there! Mostly open to be joined by strangers 🙂

When leaving Central Park again, you should have a look at one last attraction: Unisphere. The giant globe that was erected for the 1964 World’s Fair, weighs thirty five tons. The globe tilts at a 23 ½ degree angle, which is the exact tilt of the earth.


So I hope I rouse your interest about Central Park, I myself think it´s an amazing place to relax from the busy NY city life. Have you ever been there, and if so, how did you like it? I´d love to hear about your experiences 🙂



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