10 things I loved in London

Hello World!

I’ve been to London for four days most recently with my friend Kerstin, and I loved every second of it!
Here are my 10 recommendations for London:

1.) Street Food Markets

As big lovers of good food and curious as hell, we loved trying out dishes from all over the world. Our favourite market was the Borough Market near the London Bridge Tube Station. They had anything you can imagine: from fresh Lobsters over Eghyptian Veg-Mixes and Thai Curry to asian coconut-pancakes!
And best of all: Eating at Street Food Markets is a lot cheaper than at restaurants!

2.) Britisch Museum

I didn’t expect anything nearly as big for a free (!) entry. You could spend a whole day in there, as they have exhibitions from many parts of the world and nearly all periods of time. I was particularly surprised to even find Cleopatra’s Mummy & Sarcophagus there! Best tip for a rainy day as well.


3.) Walking Tour around Westminster & Buckingham

We found out about a free walking tour by undiscoveredlondon.com meeting at Green Park every day at 11 o’clock. We decided to take the chance, as we haven’t been in that area yet. We then spent two and a half hours listening to incredibly funny stories and facts about the sights we were seeing, told to us by a charismatic tour guide called Dale. We also had the chance to take photos at the best foto places. If you don’t want to simply run by the sights but find out a bit about them, definitely go for it!


4.) Street Art in East End

East End is a melting pot of immigrants, hipsters, artists and a dark, criminal past. You can either join a tour or go exploring on your own. There are the pubs where the Jack-The-Ripper victims where last seen, graffiti paintings by the famous street artist Banksy and many other artists as well as a street with 52 competiting Chinese & Bangladeshi resraurants, which makes them dead cheap of course!

5.) For Fans: Follow Harry Potter’s path

All over London you can find J.K. Rowlings inspirations for the famous books: Near the prime ministers house here’s the real public toilets near the fictional “Ministry oft Magic”, where they flushed themselves down, in East End there’s the real Diagon Alley, and you can also find the Elder Street, where the famous author got the name for the Elder Wand from.

6.) Camden Market

Another must see in London, this time for shopping, not eating 🙂 They have uncountable market stall where you can by anything to do with fashion and much more. You’ll see a lot of hipsters running around 😉 There are also many tattoo studios and all the shops in the street have amazing paintings and figures over their whole front.


7.) Hyde Park

Depending on the weather, Hyde Park can be amazing for an early morning stroll or a picnic to motivate you for the day. We went there at about nine and enjoyed the sunshine, the still sparkling with drops grass and feeding the swans. Great to have a bit of nature in the city- jungle 🙂

8.) Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Best to sneak in during a service (but do so quietly and accurately!), because they have an incredible choir which sounds even better in that huge cathedral. It simply is a masterpiece of art and architecture and was definitely on my “to see before you die” -list.

9.) London Eye

Though quite expensive (~ 23£) still worth it’s money. Amazing at sunset! We loved to sit down, strech our legs, relax and enjoy the view after a long day of running around sightseeing.


10.) The Tower of London & Tower Bridge

The Tower is definitely worth it’s entry fee, as you can explore the palace walls and buildings and find out a lot about the time it was bulit. Often they have temporary exhibitions as well, like they had all the crown jewels (including the biggest ever found diamont) on view when we were there, which was amazing!

So this is what I loved doing in London, along with a bit of partying and drinking 😉
Have you already been in London? And if so, what were your favourite places? Please let me know in the comments below 🙂



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