5 things I loved in Brussels

Hello World!

In May 2015 I went to Brussels with a group of politically interested young people, which was great, as Brussels is the seat of the European parliament.
So here are my five faves in Brussels:

1.) European Parliament

My group was under the very lucky to get a private meeting with a member of the European Parliament, Elisabeth Köstinger. This was the real highlight of our trip as we could as her questions in a small, private group. Afterwards, we did a tour through the parliament as well and were impressed by the huge size of it all.


2.) Grote Markt – Grand Place

This famous main square is always buzzing with people, as here you´ll find loads of street artists, small shops, lovely cafés (including the Hard Rock Café) and much more. Perfect place to have a belgish waffle sold by a street vendor 😉


3.)Manneken Pis

This little 61 cm guy got quite famous, although he´s basically just peeing into a little well. The people of Brussels don’t simply look upon the cute statuette and show it to tourists. The Manneken Pis plays a full part in the city’s annual calendar and even has an outfit for every occasion. We were there just as they changed costumes, which is a funny celebration to watch 😉


4.) Atomium

Created in 1958 this is the most visited tourist attraction in Brussels today. You can go up and enjoy the view out of the huge shperes and enjoy a coffee meanwhile. But the best part comes when you hit the parkgrounds below to take funny fotoshots of you holding it 😉


5.) Chocolate Shopping

Belgium is famous for loads of stuff: Beer, Lace, but most of all: Chocolate! In Brussels you´ll find countless chocolateries where they sell hand-made chocolate truffels, pralinés and so on. Forget your diet, you´re in Brussels!


6.) Delirium Beer House

The Delirium Pub is in the center of Brussels and is housed on 3 floors. The ground floor only offers about 20 beer choices, all on draft, but almost all of them are excellent quality and they Claim to offer “more than 2,400 beers” altogehter.
It´s so much fun tasting your way trough all those beers and on Weekends you´ll most likely chrash into some stag party as well 😉


Altogether, Brussels has loads to offer, but if you are not politically interested at all, you might not have a long “To-See-List”, that´s all I can honestly say from my experience. If you are however keen to see the European Parliament and other political institutions, you´ll have plenty to do and the Delirium Beer House to relax afterwards.

I hope I inspired you and would love to hear about your experiences in Brussels!



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