Musicals to see once in a lifetime

Hello World!

Even though I myself am kind of exactly the contrast of a talented musician ( my sister got all the shares in this part, thanks for that), I´m a devouted fan of Musicals. This is passion easy to follow while you travel, therefore I´ve had the chance to see quite a few already:

1.) Aladdin, Broadway

Like the adverts said, this was pure genie-us! I´ve ever been a real Disney – addict, and to have one of their movies put into real life was a fullfillment of a childhood for me. The actors were incredible, and the stage props where as coloursful as any child could imagine! Also, going to ANY Broadway Musical is a special experiences real Musical Fans should go for once in a lifetime.


2.) The Lion King, London

This was a goal I dreamt of for ages and to finally see the most spectaculair Disney Musical Production left me speechless. The detailed craftmanship behind the numerous requisites was well visible and as a huge elefant consisting of four individual humans entered the stage everyone´s “oooh”s and “aaaah”s were audible throughout the room. The cast was really amazing playing lions, gazelles et cetera with masks on their heads 🙂


3.) Jesus Christ Super Star, Graz

This musical really goes straight to the chore as it handels such a substantial topic. Christ´s suffering and his last hours are being dealt with really good stagecraft. Especially the scene where he´s publically whipped is acted so well that visitors cringe. Definitely worth it!


4.) Mary Poppins, Vienna

Take a child´s fantasy into the strict time after war and watch it becoming a Musical-Masterpiece. When Mary started singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” my heart got stolen. I went out of the theatre with a smile that didn´t leave my face the whole evening.


5.) My Fair Lady, Klagenfurt

When Eliza starts singing about the rain in Spain the happiness of the whole scene makes you tap your foot along with the melody. Professor Henry Higgins´ desperate tries to turn her into a Lady change between beiing hilarious and serious.


These are some of the Musicals I´ve already seen and I plan and try to see many more. Have you any special recommendations?

I´d love to hear your experiences in the comments below  🙂




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