How to enjoy rainy days

Hello World!

A lot of you might have already been in this situation: you´ve been looking forward to your trip for ages, you are finally at your destinated place and about to eplore and


it starts raining. You instantly think about getting cozy in a coffeeshop and hiding there all day, but then you think about all the stuff you ´d be missing and…ah.

Here are my expieriences with rainy days and how I made the most of them:

1.) Spring Break Lignano 2015

8 friends – 1 goal: get drunk in the car on the three-hour ride to Lignano (Adriatic Coast, Italy), on the friday of spring break. (Don´t be afraid, our driver was sober). Out of School – into the sun – drinking cool Drinks – attending hot parties. And then it rained. All friday, all saturday.

We wanted to make the most of it, and decided to be the crazy guys running through the rain in bikinis straight to the beach and hop in. The best thing about it was that we totally had the beach to ourselves 😉

So just forget about your concerns (who is watching, what will they think, I might get cold, I might get dirty etc etc) and just LIVE!


2.) London City Sightseeing 2016

I commit, I´m stating the obvoius. Of course you´ll catch a rainy day in London! Nontheless, we still were eager to go out and made our way trough the various free museums London has to offer: “The British Museum”, museum for modern art and so on 😉  So we didn´t pay any money at all for our rainy-day Programme, which made it even better.


3.) Internship in Ireland, 2014

One of the unrainiest summers Ireland saw for a few years, by the way. But on the day we DID have off work and wanted to visit the famous old monestry in Glendalough, it rained heavily. Nontheless we went to see it in the rain, got really wet, but saw a whole different side of the landscape. Amazing!

4.) Bon Jovi Concert, Vienna 2013

If you are looking forward to the concert of your favourite band, you simply don´t stay at home just because it rains, even if it´s open air 😉

That was exactly what we did when we heard that the weather forecast predicted heavy rain for that day: we went nontheless, and it was even more amazing! John Bon Jovi himself said “I love to be having a shower together with 50.000 of my closest fans right now.” about this special situation. The rain made all the light effects even more magical and gave everything a bit of drama 😉


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