5 steps to plan your trip

Hello World!
As I have planned quite a few trips (solo as well as for qroups) already and have a useless subject at school called “event planning” I learned to stick to my favourite routine:

1. Choose your destination

I can’t help it: This step always simply happens to me! I fall in love with a city where a book or movie takes place or another blogger writes about passionately. Or I catch myself browsing the net for cheap flights…one way or the other, you´ll find your head stuck with the idea of seeing that particular destination. Now comes the next step: Realize your dream as well! The jump from dreaming about it and actually doing it will definitely bring you out of your comfort zone, but as I once learned: “Good things never come from comfort zones”. So up to step 2!

2. Decide who you to take with you

But do so wisely! I have a few friends I really love to spend time with at home…but I could never go on a journey with them, because they simply don´t share my interests, or my style of travelling. The dudget and especially how to spend it, is another critical point you´ll have to have a common opinion about. I for example always try to save in points of accomodation and transportation, but never in terms of entry fees or similair things. You might not agree with your travel bud(dies) about everything, but if any deciscion brings up an Argument, your trip won´t be a lot of fun.

And most important: DON´T BE AFRAID TO GO ALONE! Sometimes, nobody shares my interst, budget or has time to come with me, so I´d just go on my own and get to know new people there!

3. Clarify your priorities

If you´ve found your partner or decided to go solo, it´s time to decide what you want to focus on during your trip. If you´ll visit a country, you´ll have to ask yourself: What do I want to see and do? Will I want to explore the nature, enjoy the landscape, get to see the country side? Or is my priority in city-sightseeing? Do I want to do “The Tourist Stuff” or will I want to wander off the paths? This is of high importance, as it saves you a lot of wondering about what activities to choose once you are there. Because if you´ll want to explore the country side like a local, you´ll say an enthusiastic “yes” to any guided tour or car rental opportunity you´ll find.

4. Book flights and/or accomodation

I always tend to do steps 1-4 in the matter of a day, which isn´t a really good idea, because as my mum always says, you´ll “have to sleep over it once”, before deciding something. I learned to listen to her, so I´m always taking my time researching accomodation deals & cheap flight(s). Sometimes you´ll find the best deal after your tenth try! Also, always deactivate your Cookies when booking flights, as the booking sites save your data, and if you´re googeling “Flight to Tokio” for the 20th time, they´ll know you really want that flight and go up with the prices.

5. Research

So it´s done, your adventure is booked, there´s no going back now. So you might just jump in the icecold water and make the most of it! Read travel books about your destinations, watch YouTube Videos, read Blogs, google infomation , so your journey will be smoother once you´re there. Find out how to get to your hotel/hostel from the airport, print out the necessary data, find out where and how to change your money or withdraw cash, which kind of public transport you´ll be using, fun activities to do and so on. I always write all that down and put that piece of paper in my book, als I always have it with me on my way to my final destination.

The best thing about this: anticipating your new adventure and embracing it when it comes!


I hope this post inspired and helped you with your next journey! Let me know what you are up to visit next in the comments below 🙂



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