Madame Tussaud´s Vienna

Hello World!

Short time ago, I visited the Madame Tussaud´s in Vienna, an loved it as a nice afternoon fill-in, but I can´t see how people would go all the way to London to see the original cabinett…especially with this prices (Entry fee is about 30€!)

Nevermind, I was in Vienna and a had a couple of hours to kill together with a friend so…we made the most of it:

We started off with Audrey Hepburn, who was an idol for so many women before me and will be for lots to come after me 😉


We decided to head for a Oscar-proprietor afterwards…(here still in his young years)


I think I was dressed wrongly to fit in with David Hasselhoff…should´ve brought the swimsuit 😉


Daniel Craig´s wax double is handsome to die for…licence to kill 😉


If this bottle of Champain only was real…


At least someone has to stick out his tongue in a picture with Albert Einstein 😉


My most important recommendation for visiting a Madame Tussaud´s:

Go there with a high-quality camera! Mine was awful…


So, overall, a nice memory, especially when going there with someone who´s fun, like it did 😉

Have you ever been to a Madame Tussaud´s? What where your experiences like?





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