8 things I loved in Paris

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I´ve been to Paris only once, and that was all it took to steal my heart. The art and music, which are present anywhere, are simply stunnig. Here´s what I loved most:

1.) Sacre Coeur

The roman-byzantic church from the early 20th century Looks like it jumped right out of a fairytale, especially in the evening hours. You go up a long flight of stairs, then you´ll be able to enjoy the picturesque view. There are always some amazing musicians playing right in front of it, just sit down and enjoy.


2.) Mon Matre

Right behind Sacre Coeur is the most famous street-artist´s-quarter of the world: Mon Matre! You can let somone do a portrait of you, or watch the painters and street-musicians do their work.

3.) Louvre

The famous glass-pyramid is the iconic Symbol of one of the largest and well known Museums of all. Art-specialists recommend five weeks to take your time and truly admire all the paintings. If you only have a short time, you´ll definitely want to go to the Grand Gallery, well-known from varous movies, like “The Da Vinci Code”, as it houses the “Mona Lisa”, “Madonna on the rocks”, or the largest Louvre painting, the “Wedding at Cana”. After admiring the museum, you can enjoy a stroll around the pyramid and the fountains.

4.) Arc de Triomphe

Right in the centre of the Place de Charles de Gaulle and at the beginning of the Champs-Élysées is the monumental Arc de Triomphe, honouring all the soldiers who fought for France, especially during the Napoleonic Wars, so it´s a place of proud patrionism for the French. Going up the narrow flight of winding stairs is really worth it, as from the top of the Arc you´ll have an incredible view of the city and the twelve main roads.

5.) Avenue des Champs-Élysées

Leaving the patriotic monument behind you and entering the world of lovely shopwindows & shopaholic heaven, you can enjoy a stroll along the super-expensive stores and go window-shopping 😉 On this most famous Avenue of the world, you´ll also find a pretty amazing Abercrombie & Fitch, which looks kind of like a little caste, from the inside as well as from the outside – totally French!

6.) Notre-Dame

Meaning “Our dear Lady”, the gothic church dedicated to Virgin Mary took nearly 200 years to built. But the result is an amazing piece of medieval architecture, with beautiful colored-glass-windows, really worth visiting. If you are no more than two People, I´d recommend trying to skip the line with all you can, as it´s usually sooo long.

7.) Moulin Rouge

The dubious establishmet which opened in 1889 is supposed to ba a place for dance and music, but if you walk down the street where it´s located, you kind of get an idea about what might happen in there 😉 It´s fun having a look in the shops and what kind of special articles the Parisians offer in their “Red Quarter”, which is quite free of criminality.

8.) Père-Lachaise

This place is an incredible collection of (dead) writers, actors, singer and more, like Moliere, Chopin, Jim Morrison, and many more! Take a stroll around and admire the amazing tombs and beautifully carved thombstones.

So, I hope this post inspired you to visit Paris, no matter if you go there on your own, as a couple or with a friend- you´ll have a great time! If you´ve already been to Paris, let me know you favourite places in the comments below 🙂




6 thoughts on “8 things I loved in Paris

  1. This brings back vague and foggy memories of visiting Paris as a child. What I remember most about the Lourve were the lines, haha. I don’t think I saw Sacre Couer or Mon Matre, so there are some good ideas for next time. Viele Dank!


  2. Oh yes this brings back memories from my visit donkey’s years ago! The two things I loved about Paris the most were the Sacre Coeur and a place you didn’t mention which was versailles, however if this City stole your heart, you will have to visit again and check it out 🙂 This is a beautiful romantic post, thank you 🙂


    1. I’ve heard about Versailles a lot, the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria is a replica of it and it’ s so beautiful!
      I really want to go to Paris again one day…
      Thanks for your comment!


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