How to dress when travelling

Hello World!

Before any trip I’ve done so far, I’ve always asked myself myriads of questions about what to take with me and how to dress. Here’s what I learned:

1.) Prepare for the worst
A mistake I’ve made far to often is thinking: “Naah, it won’t be sooo could. I’ll be okay.” But after a freezing January night spent in a hostelroom with no heating I’ll never think so again. A friend of mine even wore her skiing pants to sleep that night 😉

2.) Layers!

When I’m travelling to colder regions, I always go for layers, as the buildings are heated crazy in some places and in others not at all. So if you want to prevent sweating & freezing afterwards I’d suggest a long, sleeveless top, a T-Shirt, a Zip-Sweater and a windproof jacket.

3.) Never leave without…
…a SCARF! The best ones are those which you can use as a blanket on over-climated airplanes, busses or trains or as a pillow on overnight journeys.

4.) Travel Shoes
I know, wearing cute black ballerinas or high heels might look lovely on pictures, but your feet will kill you for that vanity. I have a pair of “Made-in-Austria” high-quality leather sneakers for any trip I go to. Leather is perfect, as it adjusts to your feet perfectly, but it takes a while to do so, so never go travelling with a newly-bought pair.

5.) Must-have for long hair

When travelling, your hair is exposed to wind, to humid air, or dry-heated hair, so if you don´t take a brush with you, your long hair won´t stay the way it was when leaving your hotel/hostel. Personally, I always have a better feeling with my hair freshly brushed, and therefore I always keep my comb with me.

I hope this advice helped you a little with your packing, if YOU got any certain dressing/styling tips for travelling, please let me know in the comments below 🙂



3 thoughts on “How to dress when travelling

  1. Hi I think I am the queen of “just in case” 🙂 I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. I have tried to scale down, but it’s still usually too much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. The things about scaling down is that you are kind of like gambling with the weather: if just take what you’ll definitely need, you might often be wishing for another layer when the wind starts blowing. On the contrary, when dressed too mich, you’ll be carrying around all your stuff when weather gets nice. It’s all about finding a middle way 😉
      Thanks for your comment!


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