My addiction to Hard Rock Cafés

Hello Word!

A love for travelling has its by-effects on everyone. In my case it’s an addiction to Hard Rock Café Shirts. They are my little pice of luxury I allow myself in every city I go to.
Here I want to show you the different types I already got a hold on. My sister and our neighbor Sabsi decided to do a fotoshoot with them at our farm, to give you a feeling what my home looks like in the same go 😉 Also, the blooming cherry trees were so beautiful…

1.) Paris

This classic Hard Rock Cafe Shirt was my first one of course, which I bought on our shooltrip in Paris ( ) You see my friend Sabsi wearing it, i think her tattoo really fits the Hard Rock Shirts!



2.) Dublin

This one looked great once, before an incredible idiot put it into the clothes dryer. This idiot was me. I was sooooo angry! My sister is wearing it, for this pic she jumped on a little island in the middle of our lake at home and got the left leg of her pants wet 😉

3.) Madrid

One of my fave styles! More about the city it´s from:

This little rack we built ourselves as children as we went to this lake for swimming a lot.

4.) Brussels

I love the contrast of my new hair color with all the natural green trees. More about Brussels:

5.) Venice

This colorful styled shirt I bought on our winter-trip to Venice (more here: )

I also got some more models for the background area hahaha


6.) Florence

We felt like 12 years old again when climbing on our trees to take those pictures 😉

7.)  New York City

This shirt I bought in the Hard Rock Cafe on Times Square, afterwards I found out that there´s one beside the Yankee Stadium as well and went there, too 😉

8.) Yankee Stadium

Sabsi hated us because me made her crawl into the bush for this pic 😉


9.) Ueno Eki -Tokyo

Special cherry blossom edition shirt. Our hens wanted to join the picture as well 😉



10.) Roppongi Tokyo

The left shirt which my sister is wearing can be bought in Roppongi, Tokyo.



I hope you liked the pictures, we definitely had loads and loads of fun taking them 😉



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