5 things I loved in Venice

Hello World!

Recently I´ve been to Venice with my sister, and I totally loved it. We went there in winter, as I´ve already been there in summer and didn´t like it because of the masses and masses of tourists. We´ve only been there two days, so here´s what we enjoyed most:

1.) Wandering & exploring the narrow streets

Coming to Venice via Piazza Roma, you cross a huge, modern, bridge, and then you get the first lovely view of the City. My sister and me decided not to head straight to the hotel, but to simply wander around the narrow, mediaeval streets and take in the city. It´s my first and best recommendation for Venice, for it´s truly exiting.


2.) Piazza San Marco

A real must-see in Venice, with it´s unique arcades &  zillions of doves. But beware of all the guys who want to give you dove-food or breadcrumbs “for free”, it´s never really free. If you are in a mood for a nice sit-in, a coffee or a pizza: do it BEFORE San Marco, as the Prices there are beyond crazy (cappuccino for 8€!). Best time to see: winter, as in summer you won´t be able to take pictures at all.

San Marco in winter vs. in summer:



3.) Duomo di San Marco

If you are any interested in churches or history, this will amaze you! The dome is huge and an uncomparable collection of art and craftmanship. You can enter for free, though you have to pay for access to the gallery and the horse-platform, from which you have an incredible view of Piazza San Marco.


4.) Peggy Guggenheim Collection

A refreshing collection of modern art in a city so full of historical art. Nice to enjoy halfway trough your Venice-Trip, to get yourself back into (nearly) the present for a while after so much history 🙂 There are guides with “ask me about art” buttons all around, don´t hesitate to do so! I really found it hard to understand the paintings without explanation 😉

Very modern, luminous and there´s a terrace on the back as well, facing the canal (great place to take pictures). I also loved that saying written on the wall outside the Collection:



5.) Santa Maria della Salute

Built out of gratitute at the end of the “Black Death” epicemic in the 14. hundreds, this Votiv-Church is very unique. It has one large cupola and eight small cupolas around it, andeven the floor is a masterwork! You can also see it from the watertaxi, so you can´t miss it 😉

These were the places I enjoyed most, and would totally recommend it. Also, in my opinion, 2 days are perfect for Venice, if you aren´t a historian, because us “normals” would have enough of the middle age after more than 2-3 days in Venice 😉

What did you like best about Venice, where did you go? Let me know in the comments 🙂



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