7 ways to save money travelling

Hello World!

As I am a 19-year old student, I definitely am always travelling on a budget. But I learned a lot of ways to save money and still enjoy yourself and have great experiences 😉

1.) Booking the right flight

First of all, if you REALLY want to get a cheap flight, you’ll have to be flexible in terms of time and destination. Then I’d recommend checking many different websites, and after finding the cheapest airline & time booking the flight on the airline-website itself, as it’s cheapest there. If you only have a certain available time to go to a certain destination, I’ recommend starting looking and comparing 7 months earlier, and follow up the fluctuations to get an idea of when’s the best time to book. Also, enable your PC’s cookies, so the prices won’t change according to your region and how often you search.

2.) Plan your eating

I know this sounds strange, but any city vor place you might be visiting has cheap and expensive areas. I always plan my eating in a very economic way: if I want to visit the expensive part of a city (Manhattan in NY e.g.) in the morning and a less expensive part in the afternoon, I’d wait with lunch until I reach the latter. Also, I always bring some granola bars or cookies with me from home for breakfast, as many hostels and hotels don’t offer breakfast, or only for a huge extra charge.
Also, keep in mind that if you travel only occasionally, you might just throw your diet plans overboard, because unhealthy, fatty food nurishes most and is cheapest. So be healthy at home 😉

3.) Sleep in hostels

Really, even if it’s a step out of your comfort zone, try it! First oft all, it’s amazingly cheap. Second, you to know amazing people from all over the world who can give you great insider tips in the city you are in, or one you might want to go to!

4.) Stay away from tourist traps

Some so-called “sights” are really over-priced and unauthentical, so totally not worth it. Try not doing “what everyone does”, try asking locals or fellow budget-travellers in hostels for infos on great things to see besides the main tracks!

5.) Bring your water bottle

Always bring an empty water bottle to the airport and refill it on the toilets after you passed security. Any country where they have drinkable tab water is perfect for bringing your bottle and refilling it on any toilet during your trip. I’ve saved a lot of money that way!

6.) Pack wisely

I go anywhere, for any period of time with handluggage only. Use only travel-sized toiletries (which you can refill with large ones to save money on buying the expensive travel-sized ones).

7.) Compare travel methods

Always check which way of transport (hiring a car, taking the bus, train, subway…) is cheapest, becuase Transport is one of the things which I spent most money on. For example, there’s a megabus running from NY to Washington with prices starting at 1 Dollar, depending on the amount oft request.

I hope these travel tips will help you if you’re travelling on a budget, please let me know what you do to save money while travelling.



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